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Meet the Founder

As Founder of LiveWell Therapy, Inc., for over 17 years, Ms. Chan has healed many individuals, and now they are living happier and healthier lives. She breathes by her message, “Advocating for Long-Term Emotional Well-Being” and “Life is a Balance, Learn to LiveWell".  

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in our services; I am a proud mother of two children and our intern dog, Conner - "Canine in-Training".  Also, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, teach graduate level courses in theories and paradigms for the University of Southern California, a Doctorate of Psychology candidate, and a Certified Nutritional Health Coach. Additionally, I practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis. It is a privilege to be able to walk in the lives of individuals and groups seeking for our various types of services.

 Also, "based on research, it is extremely important to put the right nutrients and natural dietary nutrition and supplements in our bodies in order for our "mind and body" to function effectively". 


I received my undergraduate degree in Social Ecology and Psychology from the University of California in Irvine; my specialization was on individuals and groups, and their ability and capability to function in the social environment. In addition, my role as a researcher there allowed me to focus on the most updated, evidence-based empirical research and literature reviews on work and life issues, so I could create a well-rounded and effective treatment plan for my patients.

Also, I have completed the Masters in Social Work degree at the University of Southern California and my specialization: improving the emotional well-being of individuals and multi-level family systems and organizations. As well, as a Certified Nutritional Health Coach, I received my studies and training with the American Institute of Integrative Medicine, which allowed me to focus on the "natural healing properties of the earth", both naturally and organically, resulting an enhancement in long-term overall improvement of our "mind and body". Finally, as a Doctorate of Psychology candidate at California Southern University, School of Behavioral Sciences, I further focused and applied my deep clinical skills, keeping up with evidenced-practice and research, while resolving and finding balance for all individuals and groups within the areas of health psychology.  

I have worked in various populations in the outpatient, inpatient, community, and corporate atmosphere, while focusing on the severely mentally ill, at-risk individuals, victims of violence, those with malnutrition, and those with a business set mind. My history with the department of children and family services, the court system, several corporate level roles, and work in various social economic status populations allowed me to be well-connected with the community, schools, and businesses, as I continue to focus on issues surrounding the overall well-being of individuals, couples, groups, and organizations in the health psychology aspect. Finally, my added research and understanding of natural dietary supplements and proper nutrition allowed me to help others enhance their personal, medical, and psychological hurtles. 


Our offices provide Individual, Couples, Family, and Group Therapy and Coaching in: Chino Hills, CA, Diamond Bar, Chino, Rancho Cucamonga, Eastvale, La Verne, Claremont, Pomona, West Covina and surrounding areas, in various languages in San Bernardino, Inland Empire, and Los Angeles. We recently started serving the following locations: Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Beverly Hills, South Bay, and surrounding areas. Services can be provided at the office, in your home, your business, or through our confidential online sessions.


Our mission: “To successfully, help individuals, couples, families, and groups gain insight and skills in order to overcome any struggle, and ultimately help them experience lasting positive change and growth.” 

Please come visit our counseling agency, or schedule an online session. Ask us about our connection to LiveWell Nature's Psychological Dietary Supplements Line! "Food for your Mind."

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