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Our Team of Experts

Most people seek counseling to help improve the quality of life.  At LiveWell Therapy, our combined team has expertise in a number of counseling and coaching specialties to help with every type of concern.


We are here to provide support and offer coping tools to help individuals, couples, families, and groups successfully navigate change.

Finding a therapist you feel comfortable with can be a challenge. At LiveWell Therapy, we are an out of network provider, you can choose from our highly qualified and diverse group of professionals. If cost is an issue, you may consider working with one of our expert, supervised graduate students or our pre-licensed therapists and coach. 

Patricia Chan LiveWell Therapy, Inc.

Patricia Chan - LCSW, Doctorate of Psychology candidate, Nutritional Health Coach, USC - Graduate Adjunct Professor, Academic Advisor for Graduate level Universities

Cathy Duong - LiveWell Therapy

Cathy Duong - Patient Care Manager, MBA, PHLC, Holistic Life Coach

Danielle M _ LiveWell Therapy - Chino Hi

Danielle Medrano, Administrative Assistant Patient Care Manager

Jenny L _LiveWell Therapy

Jenny Longtree, Administrative Assistant, Patient Care Manager

Reylena L_ LiveWell Therapy

Reylena Lopez, LCSW, MSW, Supervisor

Frances Wyatt -LiveWell Therapy_ LCSW

Frances Wyatt- LCSW, MSW

Kelsey Chang _LiveWell Therapy image

Kelsey Chang, MA, LCSW, MSW, and Career Counselor

Amber Henderson - LiveWell Therapy

Amber Henderson - LCSW, MSW

Yadira Valencia - LiveWell Therapy

Yadira Valencia - LCSW

Sonia Sharma - LiveWell Therapy

Sonia Sharma, MS, LPCC

Grace S_ LiveWell Therapy

Grace Salbia, MA, Practicum Clinical Therapist

Latricea Woods - LiveWell Therapy

Latricea Woods - MS, LMFT Clinical Supervisor

Emily R_LiveWell Therapy

Emily Rea, MA, APCC, Clinical Therapist

Peter Kremidas MA, Clinical Therapist

Peter Kremidas, MA, Practicum Clinical Therapist

Victoria Patton, M.Ed., MA, APCC, Practicum Therapist

Victoria Patton, M.Ed., MA APCC, Practicum Clinical Therapist

Katrina Henry MFT LiveWell Therapy

Katrina Henry, MS, MFT, Supervisor

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