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September 05, 2017

LCSW or Licensed PsyD -  Adult Wellness Program - Assessment Therapist


LiveWell Therapy's Older Adults Wellness program is a wellness program designed to serve our adults who are struggling with depressive moods, cognitive decline, substance use related issues or other psychological conditions. As part of the planning process, our team of Nurse Case Managers will speak with the member and identify members who would benefit from an in-home assessment (one time only) by a licensed therapist (LCSW Or PsyD).  The appointment will be scheduled by one of our Nurse Case Managers (based on your availability) with a member who resides in the general area your practice location.


Once your session with the member is complete and a diagnosis and treatment plan is established, the information is shared with the member’s primary care provider (PCP) and the recommended treatment plan is then sourced to the appropriate licensure for follow up care.  The visit documentation along with any relevant diagnosis, treatment recommendations and prognosis would be made in our electronic medical record portal.  You could choose to document the visit while conducting the assessment or later that day once you have returned back to your office. 

  • If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Send Resume or CV to:  

    • Attention: Cathy Duong 

    • Subject: Older Adults Division 

    • Email:

    • or call: 909.539.0085


  • The reimbursement rate is $50.00 per assessment (minimum face to face) 

  • We work with your schedule

  • This is an Independent / Pier Diem Contract position 

  • Willing to travel: in your area. The areas that we are currently focusing on, but if you are willing to travel to those areas with mileage reimbursement, you may apply for those positions):​​

    • Lancaster – need at least two

    • Sun City

    • Temecula

    • Colton

    • Corona

    • Hemet

    • Chino Hills

    • Diamond Bar

    • Palmdale – need at least two

September 05, 2017

Community Out Reach Specialist 

Seeking for a motivated, out-going, and passionate individual to work as a Community Out-Reach Specialist. Willing to be flexible, have a passion and creative mind, well-verse in marketing, web design, brochures, flyers, able to share LiveWell Therapy's mission and goals. Our community Out-Reach Specialist may attend fairs, business meetings, career outings, community functions. 

Send Resume or CV to:  

Attention: Cathy Duong

Subject: Community Out-Reach Specialist




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